Thanks for your support!

We sincerely thank all of our sponsors who help keep our center alive and thriving. Their generosity helps Balance Sports provide quality sports leagues and recreational facilities that are accessible to everyone. Please show your appreciation and support them by learning about the contributions they make to our members and guests.

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Thank you to our sponsor, Subway, for their dedication to providing discount subs for our community of volunteers. Balance Sports is very grateful for your support!

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Rehoboth Alliance

Our sponsor, Rehoboth Alliance, has been generous in providing funding to support 13 of our young athletes in our multi-sport development camp. Thanks Rehoboth for helping Balance Sports achieve our goals of making our athletes #1 in the community!

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Clearwater Physical Therapy

Thank you, Clearwater Physical Therapy for providing sponsorship for one of our campers during our winter session! nWe really appreciate your support for the community.