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Why Choose Balance Sports?

Balance Sports is a unique sport camps that offer children a place to be active, to learn and to have fun. During a session (6 to 10 weeks.) your child will get a chance to try-out at least 3 different sports. The intention is for them to try 5 sports in a 10 week session. 

Yes, we will offer the more popular sports such as: Soccer, volleyball and basketball, but we also want to introduce them to the less common sports such as: California kickball (soccer baseball), badminton, floor hockey, broom ball, handball and much more. 

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Become a Multi-Sport Athlete

How will this benefit you?

Achieve Balance

"When kids specialize too early in one sport or activity, the miss out on important skills. They also tend to get injured more frequently, burnout, and quit. This is why coaching and medical experts are saying that we should let our kids play as many sports as possible in their preteen year.

At a time when kids are not as active as they should be and are dropping out of organized sports, the goal is not to restrict kids exclusively to your sport. The challenge is to get them to live as many positive sporting experiences as possible. 

As a coach who is passionate about a sport, you might think it’s better for a 10-year- old to commit to your sport year-round. But from the child’s perspective, it’s not good for skill development, and the science shoes that it could easily lead to overuse injuries, bruit and drop out. Remember that most elite athletes were multi-sport athletes in childhood who keep the love of their sport alive by not overdoing it too early.” Jim Grove & Richard Monette. 

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